Daily situations resulted in this blog.


This is not a poem, just thoughts.

I have been blessed not to have had any major health issues. I do know people who have/had serious conditions. Im not one of those people who are consoling, not because I don’t have a heart, but because I don’t know how. I may appear to be cold, but I don’t know what to say in certain situations.

I lost my mom at a young, adult age. I was mad, but more hurt. I learned a lot about myself. I learned how to be a woman and I also learned how to express my feelings. Most of which is written down 🙂

The point of this post is, I realize how fortunate I am. I’m seeing a more sympathic side to my heart. I see people having hard times breathing, walking, seeing, writing, loving, and some just living. One woman on WordPress has really touched me, though I don’t know her. Even as her struggle goes up and down, in and out of a hospital/doctors office, her faith may seem to be tried, but she is strong and keeps her faith. She writes beautiful poetry and keeps her readers positive with wisdom, thoughts, and prayer for the day. It is nice to see someone who is going through tough times in life keep a positive attitude. For those who do not know who she is, visit her blog, she’s amazing.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on this. Thanks who all took the time to read. Love your life, it is the only one you will have.


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Feeling Poetry

Do you feel poetry inside yourself?

I feel it in his name
When he touches me
When I hear his ringtone
When I see his name
Through his masculine deep voice
I feel poetry

His pictures
With his baby growing in me
I feel his happiness
I feel his sadness
As well as his concerns
I feel poetry

When I’m listening to music
It makes me think of him
I listen to his problems
I’ve heard him in tears
Then too, I feel poetry

He’s expressed his dreams

He is poetic
He is amazing
He is my love
…With him…


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you know?


You know my body
My feelings inside and out
The tone of my voice
You can tell when I’m upset
Or when I’m too happy
You understand what I write
May not always agree
But its my feeling
You try and help guide me
Through my stubbornness
You know things I’ve done
Things is like to do
Places I’d like to go
Places I’ve been
You know all I’ve been through
You love me
You know me
Do you know what’s in my heart?

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This made me smile.

Do you have a regular fastfood spot that you goto and the people know what you like?

I goto Taco Bell for a lil snack here and there, the chicken flatbread is good and its cheap. The girl who works drive thru, “Shorty” is just so damn perky, sometimes a little too perky for me. She’s nice and really friendly. When she hands you your food, instead of her not saying anything, her response is the same and so is her attitude. Every time before I pull off, “keep smiling”, that’s her response. If you’re in a bad mood, she makes you smile.

Today, Shorty, doesnt know me but gave me a Christmas card, and again, ….kept on smiling.  People like her deserve recognition. It’s a job at Taco Bell and she’s always got a positive attitude.

Wanted to share this because so many times we goto fast food restaurants and people just hand you your bag and you pull off. So hats off to “Shorty”!!!

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…A loss for words…

Thinking of you
missing you
distance sucks
poetry on my mind
things you’re going through
things I’m going through
loving you
mixed thoughts and emotions
needing both you AND me
life itself
…a loss for words…

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