Daily situations resulted in this blog.

Wishful Thinking

No conversation today
I knew something didn’t add up yesterday
Holding on with a tight grip
Trying hard not to slip
Loving you with all I have
Missing how it feels to laugh
Doing my best not to worry
But you need to get here in a hurry
I’m so sick of this situation
From me, always a confrontation
I wish you’d walk through the door
Sad, missing you poetry would be no more
Being happy and in love
…for me…that’s enough.


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Is it too much to ask?

A beautiful man with an even more beautiful soul.
The proposal that’s unforgettable.
A love that’s undeniable.
A relationship where I KNOW my man has my back.
Complete trust in knowing its just me, not a number one, but the only one.
If I’m in need of compassion, my man knows it and knows how to console me.
Loving and forgiving.
A good father.
Giving and caring.
Willing to sacrifice when needed.
He will take a load off my shoulders sometimes.
Doesn’t mind cooking.
Caters to me.
Treats me like a queen.
Let’s the world know I’m his, and he’s mine.
A wedding that can’t be replaced.
A love that lasts forever!!!

I don’t ask for much. I want to be treated and made to feel like his queen. If I do as I should to make him feel like my king, why shouldn’t I get them same? Is it too much to ask?

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the shape of you eyes
     to the curve if your nose
passing over your full lips
     nicely rounded chin
shoulders not too broad
     long  arms that wrap around me
with veins that show masculinity
     a chest connected
to your “abs”olutely gorgeous torso
~~~and then there’s heaven~~~
molded onto two slim thighs
     supported by bowed legs
balanced by pedicured feet, by me
With you…
~I’m fascinated.

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…for you loving me…

Infinite love
I surrender me
many musings
surrounding vicinity
could I be a victim of
regardless of circumstances
its you and me
I assail
mostly for love
…for you loving me…

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