Daily situations resulted in this blog.

Addiction Recovery

I was inspired to write this after reading someone’s addiction. I once was an addict. I’m recovered now, due to circumstances…

~~addiction~~previously written~~

An addiction so strong
made me do everything wrong
choices go left instead of right
that little bit of ecstacy
opened my eyes and made me see
I’ve let go of some of the pain
forgot about the lil lady cane
still have crying eyes
depressed only because of lies
making me do things I’d never do
this payback – long overdue
cried and complained
pillows tear-stained
the jonesing is no more
A new leaf, a closed door
For another hit of you
I think I can think of something else to do
Tossing and turning in bed
No need to with a cleared head
A pushers past you can see
There’s more addicts than just me
leaving my cravings behind
this junkie is no longer blind


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  1. “An addiction so strong made me do everything wrong..” What a way to begin!! You are stronger because of your struggles.

    Comment by The Wandering Mind | 02/04/2012 | Reply

  2. this is very deep. You must’ve been reallt addicted to some1 some where down the line… I wonder.

    Comment by Da Poets Corner dot com | 02/06/2012 | Reply

    • Yea I was, but after being pushed away….

      Comment by Christina | 02/06/2012 | Reply

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