Daily situations resulted in this blog.

Never Again


The look in my eyes

to the curve of my thighs

You can look, search, and try

But another me…you’ll never find.

A heart full of love

With every word-away you shoved

Your love, all I thought of

Today, I’ve had enough

I smile big now

Confident – I remember how

Don’t confuse it with a scout

Taking it slow, not lookin for vows

Always tried my best

Stood out from the rest

Listened through your chest

Like a coward, you left the nest

Waited like a fool

Let you twist and turn me like a tool

Tried to sit and keep cool

I’ve drowned in a tear pool

Love can goto hell

My heart clammed up in a shell

This lil fairytale,

I lived to tell…..

One mans trash is anothers treasure

The next will be beyond measure.


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  1. So loving the title, actually feel where you coming from. Actually have a poem with same name I wrote a few months ago, just havent had the time to bring it over to share here. Hope all is well on your end.. God Bless 🙂

    Comment by poeticjourney | 06/08/2013 | Reply

    • @poetic journey, it just wasnt meant to be. It hurts like hell, I will get over it. I’ve started making some changes with certain things I do. Main thing is I need to learn to set boundaries and stick to them. Release yours soon. Ttyl. Nice hearing from u. God bless 🙂

      Comment by Christina | 06/08/2013 | Reply

      • I agree Christina, I have release it, thats what I finally realize after turning29 a few weeks ago. Im hoping to have it up on my blog soon. I shared one call Missing You, but its like saying I maybe doing that, but moving on at sametime. yes we do have to set boundaries, if we dont, we are allowing ourself to get hurt over and over. And we deserve so much more… Always a pleausre. Cant wait to read and hear more from. Many Blessings 🙂

        Comment by poeticjourney | 06/09/2013

  2. “The look in my eyes
    to the curve of my thighs

    You can look, search, and try
    But another me…you’ll never find”.

    Love the start of this…

    Love me, love me not. It’s all part of life that we all endure at one time or another. Your love is his lost, period…

    peace be within you

    Comment by 1ManView | 06/09/2013 | Reply

    • Thank you. I appreciate it. Love is a powerful feeling. It made me lose myself. I’m finding me again….

      Comment by Christina | 06/09/2013 | Reply

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