Daily situations resulted in this blog.

About Me


I’m Christina. I don’t consider myself a poet, however I do like to write. I write about my heart, how I feel, what’s going on in my mind, love, hate anything I feel.

I did some research on poetry styles. I like poetry that rhymes. It’s always caught my attention, recently I’m reading poetry that doesn’t rhyme and I like some of it. So I decided to give it a try.

Haikus, never understood it until my research. Cinquain, I like it.
I think a couplet will always be my favorite, due to the rhyming. There are others I want to try but starting out – I wanted to try what appeared the easiest formation to follow. As I get better, I’ll venture out and try more.

Comments are appreciated, and will help with bettering my poetry. Thanks to all who took the time to read.

My Twitter is private, msbrown813. Follow me, follow me…

Photos attached to poetry are not all mine. I dont take credit for any of them except the ones that belong to me. I choose certain pics to keep my theme somewhat the same color flow.


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