Daily situations resulted in this blog.

As My Thoughts Change


My name is Christina. I’ve created this WordPress to express myself. I like to write about what I’m going through. I have not had the best luck and its easier for me to express myself on paper. I decided to name it as my thoughts change because they do change. One day you feel in love and loved in return and the next, well it changes.

I love music and I can relate to some. I’ll post some of that as well. Most of what I post is about love or being hurt, something I know all too well.

I’m looking for some pages to subscribe to. The whole blogging life is new to me, but its nice to get feelings out of my system.

I love to express myself but don’t do it well verbally. Writing is my best form whether be it a letter or my own poetry style. I like to release my heart.



  1. I can totally relate I don’t express myself verbally,so I throw it in my poetry and music. Enjoy your Journey. Our heart tells us so many things even when we don’t want to hear it. Whoever said Heart tell no lies? Got poem call that somewhere…

    Comment by poeticjourney251 | 10/10/2011 | Reply

  2. Hi, discovered your blog tonight looking for new poetry to read. I will return another time to read everything but wanted to say KEEP WRITING … you have a wonderful way of expressing yourself.

    Comment by purple | 12/08/2011 | Reply

    • Thank you. Anytime.

      Comment by Christina | 12/08/2011 | Reply

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