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After all we’ve been through

the same shit you do!

Fuck this relationship

fuck the regular lies from your lip,

Ink you spill from one to the next

its no wonder frowns, vexed.

You’re all the same

playing the love game.

I will leave your thoughts open,

your heart drowning, sunk in.

your thoughts, your feelings

your cares, I cared, now who cares



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Six words….

I miss random I love yous…..

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I’m thru with it….love


Love….you used to mean something to me. You’ve shown things I needed to see. Love….I was glad to have you. I don’t like what you turned me into. Love….you are no longer needed My expectations of you, exceeded. I won’t look for you anymore Returning the feeling, I once wore.

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6 words

…today I thought you would be…

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St Augustine, beautifully healthy
bright, crisp and green
no dull patches
every strand matches
seeds planted to bloom
plenty of space, growing room
daily kept, well maintained
everyday beauty, remained
beneath, a hole was forming
signs, but not much warning
time and energy spent
ruined, down it went
beautiful as it seemed
the grass wasn’t really green.

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Imagining the day…


Good morning with a smile
   a smile that lasts
   not for a short while.
Hugs throughout the day
   even if its a hundred
   without something slick to say.
Flowers, an expression for me
   no words at all
   just love to see.
A night of Passion
   slow music and candles
   making love, that’s lasting.
Rose tips trace my body
   skimming every curve
   has me feeling so sexy.
Just my imagination thinking
   intense love
   given, without asking.

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The one who loves me,
Every thought is us, we.

Sweet kisses good night,
Gentle hugs when we rise.

Loving phone calls through the day
Never to say much, just hey.

Attention is needed
Not to doubt a love, we succeeded.

The scent you left behind
Memories to rewind.

A love so magnificent
Handle my heart with diligence.

As the day unfolds, I miss you
Moments with you are far and few…

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You can talk to me….


So much on my mind
Wondering what’s going wrong
…you can talk to me…

Emptiness inside
Want so bad to express me
…you can talk to me…

A friend is needed
Someone to listen to me
…you can talk to me…

You, my love, my friend
You cannot handle my thoughts
…you can talk to me…

Love once shared, distant
Now, even further apart
…you can talk to me…

I expect a lot
Nothing more than I did then
…you can talk to me…

Wanting to reach out
Reaching for someone to love
…you can talk to me…

I don’t want to hurt
I don’t want an empty love
…you can talk to me…

He says, “what’s wrong Chris”?
“What did I do or not do”?
…you can talk to me…

Explanations flow
Pouring out thoughts, and my heart
…you can talk to me…

No more, I love yous
Since now I’ve expressed myself
I can’t talk to you…

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Making some repairs…


Holes in the wall
…your words…
I’ve heard them all

Photographs of happiness
not what we’d wished

Home, once full of love
Love wasn’t strong enough

Missing what we had
Now turning bad

Wondering what to do
Almost through

Holding onto what
…a love?…
I want to trust you, but…

One thread at a time
…happiness again…
We will find.

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Hope may be lost #9


Miles apart, we
faith and belief, you and me
long distance love, us

Poetry I’d write
expressing my love for you
hurt and anger too

Believing in you
hearing what you claimed to be

Love….I wanted you
living the life we had planned
life, was about you

Lost in emotions of…love
broken, cracked, not forgotten
I’ve doubted, why me?

Hurt turned to anger
communication’s broke down
at times… I don’t care

trust re-established for love
Where do we begin?

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A letter to Love


Love, on you, I’ve given up
          I tried to know you
          Tried to feel you
          I failed.
Love, I wish I never met you
          The way you make people feel
          its not fair
          although you are worth experiencing
Love, what have I done to you
          why do you treat me like you do
          are you worth my tears
          many tears I’ve cried for you
Love, I understand why people shy away
          why people run and hide
           the way you make people feel,
may not be worth the ride
Love, I’ve loved how I wanted to be loved
          but something about you
          I don’t do enough of
          so with you, I’m giving up…


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Sometimes I wonder…


Do you know what it takes to keep me
the fights, the cries, thru hidden realities
sometimes I wonder…
Do you think about me, how I do you
adapted thoughts, and no clue
sometimes I wonder…
Is there more of you I don’t know
you’re quiet, silent, your thoughts don’t show
sometimes I wonder…
Is this love strong enough to last
will we explain us as a past
sometimes I wonder…
Does your heart belong to me
if so, its hard to see
sometimes I wonder…
Am I woman enough for you
will you ever look for something new
sometimes I wonder…
If I should be doing more
life with you is all I want to explore
sometimes I wonder…
What would you do if you lost me
would our love carry you through tragedy
sometimes I wonder…
Why do I feel so alone
I was promised love would be shown
sometimes I wonder…
Are you the man God had for me
are we to walk together in Christianity
sometimes I wonder…

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I wish I were her
that woman, that lady, that girl
the one who occupies your mind
that one whom you’ll always find time
the one you dream of
her, the one you love
that woman you want
never embarrassed to flaunt
the lady you think about
that one who feels your love, without a doubt
the girl who has your heart
your canvas, she’s picture perfect art
the woman you’re so proud of
giving her your love, never enough!

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Giving love one last chance

If I could write
Explain what’s not I sight
You would understand more
Other feelings I have, behind closed doors
In my closet, skeletons, they hide
I keep them there so you don’t collide
You’d probably question why
The roots from tears I’ve cried
It’s a new day
Time to make a new way
Letting go of insecurities from the past
Looking forward, praying, we’ll last
Loving you, I wonder why and how
but not because of doubt
After all that’s been done
I still found a way to love someone
I prayed once, if this were meant to be
The love we share, you and me…

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I’ve waited for this


Our bodies locked
You on bottom, I’m on top
Looking in your eyes
Heat exploding from my insides
Your legs wrapped around me
Squeezing tightly
My hands on your head
You’re here, just like you said
Hold me closer, don’t let go
Tell me you want me, let it show
I’ve waited for this, for so long
Your body, masculine and strong
I love you
And I need to express how much
….I do!

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Addiction Recovery

I was inspired to write this after reading someone’s addiction. I once was an addict. I’m recovered now, due to circumstances…

~~addiction~~previously written~~

An addiction so strong
made me do everything wrong
choices go left instead of right
that little bit of ecstacy
opened my eyes and made me see
I’ve let go of some of the pain
forgot about the lil lady cane
still have crying eyes
depressed only because of lies
making me do things I’d never do
this payback – long overdue
cried and complained
pillows tear-stained
the jonesing is no more
A new leaf, a closed door
For another hit of you
I think I can think of something else to do
Tossing and turning in bed
No need to with a cleared head
A pushers past you can see
There’s more addicts than just me
leaving my cravings behind
this junkie is no longer blind

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Fallback Friday


Friday nights mean nothing
phone on, but doesn’t ring
come Saturday, stressed and worried
then blow me up for apologies
claim to understand and know
that isn’t what actions show
instead I sit here and wait
for a call out of New York state
I could go out or make a call
trying to be strong through it all
lonely Friday night
wonders why I’m ready to fight
It’s called fallback for a reason
he falls back for the evening…

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Advice, Opinions, Suggestions

Hello to my readers, visitors, followers, and my subscribers. I along with another poet would like some feedback on the “He said, She said” series of poetry we’re working on. He and I are curious what people think of the collaborations.
Thanking you in advance. 🙂

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Broken Hearts

Strong hearts are built to last
broken, then mended to forget the past
preparation for the next
remembering mistakes from an ex
never to regret what’s been done
keep your head up for a new one.


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The next one
Thinks they’re the best one
“I can treat you better”
They answer their phone, never
Giving the next one a chance
Not anticipating a bad romance
Don’t mean to categorize them the same
But the next one? Still in the game…
I’m too grown for Hasbro
A little something you should know
I don’t have time for a wham bam thank you ma’am
I consider myself a woman, that’s what I am
You think you’re the best one…
Keep it pimpin… On to the next one.

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