Daily situations resulted in this blog.


If I had to pay
How would I know if its real
Pay the price for love?

Not interested
I, challenged with emotions
Will not pay a price.

My heart shows too much feeling
Love….I paid the price.


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Moving on – Letting go

This is not a poem of any kind. No one to talk to, so thank goodness for the internet.

Give, give, give you have that kind of heart where all you do is give and are there for your so called loved ones, be it man, friends, actual family?

I’m having that kind of “aha” moment where its been shown to me who I can and can’t depend on. I feel as if I’ve been put here to make shit easier for others, kinda say the hell with myself. A little tired of feeling taken advantage of. I’m ready to change my number, address, location, city, my circle, everything! Just replace all of the replaceables in my life and be a little selfish for once.

Instead of always running to help or be there for others who don’t deserve it, be there for me, myself, and I. Yes I’m having a moment! I deserve happiness and I will have it. I can’t really make moves until March, but the first step is realizing what needs to be done, make a plan, then bounce with ABSOLUTELY NO RETURN address.

Everyone who read this have a great day.

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Should’ve looked more into the poetry…

Lol…I was told I read into things
too much. It’s funny cause what I
was reading into, I didn’t read into enough.
I was asked is there anything else I wanted to yell about?
As a matter of fact I do.
When you do lose me for good, for nothing…..
Thank Yourself!
“If you feed it to me naked”, as one replied, “come get it”…
“Do you have a boyfriend”as another replied, “no boyfriend”
One has a crush on you…lol and to my surprise she was the original question…
“I don’t flirt” is what I heard.
I must be on a different level if that isn’t flirting.
So…”its never gonna be over”….
..what’s good for the goose
       Is good for the gander….
So sincerely yours…(wink, wink)
——–isn’t that what was said to
The naked one that you were
supposed to go get…

…and its just poetry… 🙂

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