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Who can I run to
To fill the void that was left


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Bedroom walls echo
Empty, alone, missing you
Whispers…. disappeared

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I asked for your attention
Increments, a short 15minute session
Why won’t you express your love to me
Instead its the computer and everything in between
….I envy….
I need your heart with mine
These wants should be a sign
Some don’t do well with a relationship
So, they let the one they love slip
Slip away to someone else, that is
Once they’re gone, you realize, and start to miss
All the questions and requests-unanswered
Sounded like a broken record
You heard my voice
You heard my cries
I bet you never thought you’d hear my goodbyes..

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But I’m Crazy?

I wrote this a couple months ago, but wanted to post it.

Late night conversations
A thing of the past.
Miscellaneous calls at one or two in the am
Just to hear my voice, done!
Sweet throughout the day texts
Forgot what those feel like.
Roses through messages to let me know
….I WAS on your mind….
Hour long talks
Without quiet gaps in between.
Impatience, to see me
Feels so dreadful now.
The talks of marriage
Down the drain.
Comments of missing me
Those only from me now.
Thoughtful gestures…
Getting on your nerves
Was never the case.
Arguements regularly
Because of change
Practice what you preach
“Don’t ever change”
Thoughts I think now
…..cuz I’m crazy!!

Crazy I’m not.
signs of separation
Accusations for a cause
— Trust —
How does one
With all the obvious changes
— Love —
Why when its not returned
— Distance —
Learning to do that myself
— Conversation —
Empty and dry
— Hate —
Soon to replace love
— Life —
Without love
….I’ll manage….
— Change —
I have to for me
— Happiness —
Feels good
— Relationship —
Two people “together”
— Regrets —
Just one
— Dead —
— Quote —
What goes around, comes around.
…all this cuz I’m crazy…

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