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I miss cuddling
Just to be held in your arms
Nothing I want more…


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Drifting Away


Full throttle
Loaded with fuel
Surrounded by water
And beauty
Fast or slow
Gliding, going with the flow
In search of the perfect
Spot to STOP

Continuous search
Wasted time and fuel
Surrounded by water
Looking for the beauty
Slowly dying
With the flow,
Still gliding
Still in search of the
Reason to stop

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If I could pin you down
No touching, no looking
Just you in my love…drowning

Imagine, laying on your back
Eyes blindfolded, hands tied

I stand here and look at you
Your body so dark and fine

Deciding what I’m gonna do
I have this painful lust for you

As I trace my fingertips over your frame
Loving how you say my name

I hear what you want, but I’m in control
Been wanting to try the dominate role

Everything you said, I heard
Now, be quiet, don’t say another word

Whispering, “you said its mine”
With soft bites on your neckline

And you smell so good
A pleasure to handle you, like only I could

Waited for this moment for months now
Look at you, so beautifully endowed

Slowly crawling on top of you
You know what I’m about to do

In between my thick thighs is where you lie
Your expression shows, you love being inside….

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My Wandering Mind



Eyes, lips, tongues, hands, fingertips

His body and mine

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No reason to be anything today but happy.

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Crying Eyes


He looks in my eyes

“Your eyes are so beautiful”

Too pretty for tears.

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Separated by Death

Like a patient on a machine,
Relying on u
to get me thru
Rapidly dying inside
this pain I can’t hide.
As I breathe these last breaths,
Without you, feels like death
My pulse rate is dropping
I need u to keep my heart from stopping.
I lay on my back, gasping for air
I reach for you, but ur not there.
Please come help save me
your arms is where I need to be.
I need to feel your heart against mine
Come hold my hand, fingers intertwined.
As the beeps stop on the  monitor
Someone help, call the doctor.
I leave you with this letter
Once I seen I couldnt get better…

The love we have will stay with me
you were who I wanted us to be.
I have left with you in my soul
With your presence, you made me whole.
Now I am just a memory to you
Your love, thru death I held onto.
Only separated physically
I love you unconditionally.
Here or gone, you never had to question my love
Because loving you, I was proud of
Always know you were my heart
And death is all that could make us part.
If I could, in turn be your angel
I will fight every battle.
I want to be by your side
Nothing left for us to decide.
I will be with you in spirit
Still my love has no limit.

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As I sit here with things on my mind
Why didn’t I see, how was I so blind?
I wondered what I did wrong
I stuck around, through it all, for so long.
As usual I did, and I gave
Catered to you willing to be your lil slave.
I put in so much trust and didn’t see
All the bullshit that was done to me.
Finally decided to let you go
It hurt and knew it would, but little did I know.
Leaving you would be such a relief
I can leave things lay around with no fear of a thief.
And now a few years later
     How the tables have turned
The one you cheated with? You hate her.
She’s got fear you’ll come back to me
NEVER with me is where you’ll be.
She sweats my Facebook page
Seen a picture of you and text me in a rage.
All her questions and accusations are amusing
The game you two played is now confusing.
You lost something good with me
She knows it, and even now she sees.
But with Karma, you learn
And now the love you had, you yearn.
All I will ever be is your baby mama
Cause being without you=no drama.
Best wishes to you
And whatever in life you go through.

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NY vs FL vs NY

Brought you here, then it lead to

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Never A Doubt


I have loved you since…..
Day one and will continue
Til death do us part.

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