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Where do they do this….


This is the type of picture that gets all the attention and it isn’t good.

I mean damn, no class, heels aren’t worn right, hell they aren’t even high enough to be sexy. The crotchless body(hoes)….tacky. Looking at this…these be the same chicks on Facebook dogging a men out, saying how they ain’t no good or better yet, get mad after the date/booty call and he doesn’t call PERIOD! Very tasteless and so trashy.

There is nothing wrong with feeling sexy or being a little confident…but c’Mon at some point you have to realize less is more and in this case…..less clothes, is more tacky!

Ladies carry yourself sexy and be sexy, but just know, not just anything is sexy. Confidence is key, but the key can be turned the wrong way.

Had to share this.


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