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After all we’ve been through

the same shit you do!

Fuck this relationship

fuck the regular lies from your lip,

Ink you spill from one to the next

its no wonder frowns, vexed.

You’re all the same

playing the love game.

I will leave your thoughts open,

your heart drowning, sunk in.

your thoughts, your feelings

your cares, I cared, now who cares



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BOB can’t argue with me
I’m his only responsibility

When I need him, he’s there
day or night, he doesn’t care

He can’t talk, but he’ll listen
pleasing me is his only mission

BOB can’t do the things you do
with you, I was like a menu

He can’t say he misses me
nor can he rub my feet

BOB can’t be my friend
he can’t caress my skin

He can’t look in my eyes
as he in between my thighs

He can’t kiss my lips
or feel my fingertips

BOB can’t wipe away my tears
or even whisper in my ears

He can take away some pressure
allow me to release with pleasure

Patiently waiting for you
BOB will do.

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