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Living life with no vision
Only to search and listen.
Touching my way through
Prince charming where are you?
Help me to find my way
With so much to see each day.
Though blinded, no sight to see
Share your vision with me.
Let me fall in love with you
Express the beauty of your view.
If only we could love without sight
Blinded eyes shine bright.
Objects between us we share
Day and night don’t compare.
An unseen heart, though felt
Real love through unfair cards dealt.
True love I will one day find
I wish to see it blind…..


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Its whats spilled thru my ink


is the ink I spill
photographic memory
imaginative mind
loving soul
a tortured heart
fairytale of what love is
eyes that have a sweet tooth
missing link to my hand
all expressed
thru the spilling of
blue ink

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Perfect Portrait

This portrait 

so crisp and clean

laid out just for me

every girls dream

her fantasy

                                         In time, comes reality

                                         of what could 

                                         and what will be….

                                         Through poetry

                                         my portrait speaking


                                        Not that perfect portrait

                                        painted for me……

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Who are you…

Typical night
Tired, laid down
Feeling stiff
Shackled to all four corners of the bed
Blinded, can’t see
Feeling something soft at my ankles
Rising up my legs
Feels good, tho, I try to fight it
The more I fight, I’m so curious
Who are you
Why have you chosen me
What are you doing to me
I can’t touch you,
Tho I feel your breath on my knees
Muscular hands grip my hips
And hold me, as if to hug me
Do I know you, you don’t say a word
You just lay there, rested on my legs
Caressing and kissing me
All I can do is lay here, helpless
This isn’t what I thought you’d do
I feel your body on mine
Feels familiar
Too familiar
But why am I blinded
Talk to me, explain why you did this
Is there something you want to say
Something you want to do
….I want to love you, and spend my life with you…
A tear drops
The phone rings
No longer trapped,
But lost…

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