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November 12th

Who knew life could be this way
Thinking back, November 12th, that day
Excitement, anticipation, not sure what to expect…
Listening to his heart, impressed by his intellect
The look in his eyes when he spoke to me,
the feel of his hand, he held mine so softly.
The tone of his voice….
it was so easy to tune out the noise.
That day, I didn’t know I would love him
-didn’t realize he’d be the best of them.
I let him take the lead.
That’s how we started, him approaching me.
I love looking at this man.
For his happiness, I’ll do all I can.
The look of a savage, with a heart that’s mine,
he’s so amazing – all the time.
When he’s mad and not in the mood,
I just wanna caress his tattoos.
Watching him move,
so  perfect and smooth.
He makes me smile like a teenage girl
with a crush bigger than this world.
I can speak how I feel daily,
He’ll never know my heart really.
No questions, no doubts, no worries
no reason to ever feel leery.
He caught me at the right time
for the love from him, to the top I’ll climb.
As we love each other and grow
no telling where this thing could go.
Wanting to learn all I can
I wanna know this man better than the back of my hand.


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I’ve forgotten….

I’ve forgotten how it feels to be loved.

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Been a while…

Good evening. I have so many thoughts in my mind, so many feelings flowing through my heart. I don’t know how to put this to words. Feeling…not blank, but blank. Emotions too embarrassing for posting.

A life, once wanted…
A love, once felt…
A void, never thought of…
Emptiness, indescribable…

I don’t know what the feeling is… A little too tired to try and figure it out.

Instead of dwelling on the emotional roller coaster, I’ve decided to follow my heart, make myself happy, and fulfill the dreams and wants I have. If love is involved, great! If love fails, well then it just wasn’t meant to be.

I can’t focus on any poetry. My mindset isn’t there. This was just a hello to all my followers, I’m still alive :), my poetry isn’t for the time being.

Thank you for reading. YOLO!!!

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A letter to Love


Love, on you, I’ve given up
          I tried to know you
          Tried to feel you
          I failed.
Love, I wish I never met you
          The way you make people feel
          its not fair
          although you are worth experiencing
Love, what have I done to you
          why do you treat me like you do
          are you worth my tears
          many tears I’ve cried for you
Love, I understand why people shy away
          why people run and hide
           the way you make people feel,
may not be worth the ride
Love, I’ve loved how I wanted to be loved
          but something about you
          I don’t do enough of
          so with you, I’m giving up…


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Love has come and gone
Irreplaceable love – found
Love has gone and come!

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you know?


You know my body
My feelings inside and out
The tone of my voice
You can tell when I’m upset
Or when I’m too happy
You understand what I write
May not always agree
But its my feeling
You try and help guide me
Through my stubbornness
You know things I’ve done
Things is like to do
Places I’d like to go
Places I’ve been
You know all I’ve been through
You love me
You know me
Do you know what’s in my heart?

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He, my Haiku

Within, you reside
pulsating penetration
you bloom inside me

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A woman…

A woman needs more than material things
She needs the love, real happiness brings

A woman needs a man who can hold his own
One who understands, she may need time alone

A woman wants to feel loved at her worst and best
She likes when your feelings are expressed

A woman wants a man with a sweet side
In his heart is where she resides

A woman wants a man who cares for her needs
A man who is there to help her to succeed

A woman wants a man who has her best interest
Not one who doesn’t even take notice

A woman wants to feel secure in knowing she’s his only one
The one you think of so very often

A woman is easy to please
We like to feel that were your trophy

A woman will go above and beyond
Sometimes just to see how you’ll respond

A woman will put her man on a pedestal
To show we are thankful

A woman likes to talk and work it out
She likes to make her man proud

A woman will love til the end
Once her ♥ is broke, its impossible to mend….

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After a convo with a girlfriend last night, I feel refreshed today. A different outlook. I’m a woman with a huge heart and it has been spread out, no regrets in love. Just a learning, growing, and healing process.

I have no regrets
Everything I felt, was said
I’ve poured out my heart

Daily expression
Needed my love to be felt
I am who I am

I am a woman
Genuwine and filled with love
I am that woman

Love is important
I loved some, my kids, and life
Always did my best

If it were my time
The love I gave, has been felt
Can you say the same

Pick what’s important
Were not promised tomorrow
Would you have regrets

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This Flower


Every part of me has a story
Each petal, laid out differently

Blooming as the sun sets and rises
Tears of loneliness, a water spot disguises

I know my beauty
But you, if only…..

If only you could see me
In the light I see

You look at me and think I’m pretty
Behind the beauty, do you know my feeling

I’ll continue to blossom
Remembering what I’ve been through
…and where I’ve come from.

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