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Making some repairs…


Holes in the wall
…your words…
I’ve heard them all

Photographs of happiness
not what we’d wished

Home, once full of love
Love wasn’t strong enough

Missing what we had
Now turning bad

Wondering what to do
Almost through

Holding onto what
…a love?…
I want to trust you, but…

One thread at a time
…happiness again…
We will find.

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Releasing the lock
breaking free, the chains that bind
I’ve loved, and I’ve lost

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No reason to be anything today but happy.

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Dreams and Aspirations.

At some point in our lives we all have a dream. Money, a perfect marriage, a best friend in your mate, true friends that stick by your side, a good job/career, successful business, or whatever, your dream is – having a strong support system is great.

All of the above have been things I’ve dreamed of, some not so successful, but others are still in the process.

This post is getting a thought out. I have a couple good, great friends who have listened to me cry. They have lifted my spirits and try to guide me away from harm. And for that I am thankful.

I’m 34 and I have a different Outlook on what I want for my life. Having strong people who support my decisions whether good or bad, is truly appreciated. I have shed many unnecessary tears and expressed much hate, knowing I’m not hateful, but full of love.

At any rate, I know that we go through obstacles in life for a reason, that has been told to me so much lately. As well as the saying “you’re not given more than you can handle”. I’m putting things together, gathering my thoughts, and collecting my memories as I continue to strive forward and work on my life. I’ve come pretty far and overcame a lot of hurt, so now its time to be happy.

I’m working on a homebased business that I’m giving my all to, I’m extremely excited about it and so far have gotten many ideas as to how to make it more successful. My friends as well as random people are really giving me some helpful insights. Again that support system is great!

My prayers will stay consistent as well as my faith for I know there will be some more obstacles in my way…. But “anything worth having, is worth fighting for”.

Have a nice day to all who took the time to read my thoughts.

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What ever happened to that best friend? That person feelings and thoughts were able to be shared with. Where is that person?

Situations in daily life change people. Both for good and bad. Some situations make you grow closer, others make you drift apart. What was once agreed upon the two is no longer in agreement. Causes frustrations, fights, arguments, concerns, and questions.

How do you get that friendship back? How do you keep that friend through all the changes life gives you? How do you bring back those friendly conversations without sarcasm, and anger? I love my friend and need him back.

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