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A woman, now Fed Up…..

Over the years I’ve given EVERYTHING I have to people, even worse the ones who don’t deserve any part of me. I have decided to now give what’s given, to put out what’s put in, and to let go when I’m losing grip. My heart once was trusting, loving, caring, and happy. Thanks to a few low life jerks in my life, now I have to go through a healing phase. Dreams I have, don’t matter as long as other people fulfill theirs….. well not anymore! It’s time I make my stand. It’s time I do for me. So sick of the let downs, the dead conversations, the relationship that doesn’t have what relationships have!!! Ready to make moves and don’t care who’s hurt along the way!!! May be selfish, I’ve never worn that shoe before, think in gonna try it on and see how it fits!!


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The Dealt Hand


Ups and downs
    Wins and loses
          Lovers and haters
               Friends but no enemies
                    Single parent home
                         Good and bad days
                              A Happy New Year….gone wrong

However my hand was dealt, I have been strong and worked through it. Strength and determination wasnt lacked. It’s been a rough year, the end was just as rough. Happy, sad, and some confusing moments.

2011 has been a year full of lessons, two main things stick out – not all “friends” were friends and many words that were spit, had no real meaning, so they weren’t kept. Love? Oh how I have learned about love. It can have you making choices and doing things that should NOT be done! Last thing that stood out….liars will be liars…”see what had happened was”. Lol

Trying to get the right jump off in 2012, I will be in church blessing my new year coming as well as my son on the way and the other two I already have. I plan to love and be loved. This year I won’t just settle like I’ve done this year. Settling…set me back! Just because the hand I was dealt wasn’t the best, doesn’t mean I can’t make the best of it!

…Happy New Year…

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