Daily situations resulted in this blog.

One Wish


Introduction to
Avoidance of happiness
Once….I wished  for love


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Imagining the day…


Good morning with a smile
   a smile that lasts
   not for a short while.
Hugs throughout the day
   even if its a hundred
   without something slick to say.
Flowers, an expression for me
   no words at all
   just love to see.
A night of Passion
   slow music and candles
   making love, that’s lasting.
Rose tips trace my body
   skimming every curve
   has me feeling so sexy.
Just my imagination thinking
   intense love
   given, without asking.

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The one who loves me,
Every thought is us, we.

Sweet kisses good night,
Gentle hugs when we rise.

Loving phone calls through the day
Never to say much, just hey.

Attention is needed
Not to doubt a love, we succeeded.

The scent you left behind
Memories to rewind.

A love so magnificent
Handle my heart with diligence.

As the day unfolds, I miss you
Moments with you are far and few…

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Fascination of…
Love….moments we’ve shared, us two
STILL in love with you

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Conversation starts
Eyes meet, hearts race, here we are

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He said, she said….. Spoiled


He said,
“You want to be spoiled
How can I spoil you more,
What more can I do”?

She said,
“I want all of you
your heart, love, thoughts, poetry
I don’t ask for much”

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He said, She said


He said:
“Making you happy
Most important thing to me
Seeing you smile”

She said:
“I’m happy with you
You are my reason to smile
In love with words….US”

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you know?


You know my body
My feelings inside and out
The tone of my voice
You can tell when I’m upset
Or when I’m too happy
You understand what I write
May not always agree
But its my feeling
You try and help guide me
Through my stubbornness
You know things I’ve done
Things is like to do
Places I’d like to go
Places I’ve been
You know all I’ve been through
You love me
You know me
Do you know what’s in my heart?

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I’ve made some stupid choices
People so anxious for me to hear their voices
What’s been done, is done
Can’t change it for no one
When you make your bed, you lay in it
I’ll keep my head up, and won’t quit
I look at myself and often wonder why
I’ve paid the price, and the cost was high
Some people have it worse than me
But without my mistakes, who would I be
Life is a lesson for all of us
Living it, we learn who we can & can’t trust
People lift you up with words
And let you down through hurt
It’s been said, you make your own destiny
Only if we could predict what it will be
I’ve said before I’m making a change
I’m still living the same, with nothing rearranged
And still I complain
Things are the same
As hard as it may seem
We have to let go & let it be
I know what is meant, will come
I won’t always do this alone
With positive, motivating, Christian friends
Gaining my faith, helps in the end
I pray for him all the time
Impatiently waiting for the sign
At 34 years old
A life of memories, I hold
Many more years to grow
Life, has its ups and downs, this we know
With God on my side
I’ll change my view, and set standards high.

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A Strong Woman

When I’m lonely I turn to writing

I can release my frustrations without fighting

No problem with self expression

although it’s not, seems like depression

Never been one to be sad all the time

This love, has me losing my mind

I love love, but I love me too

With time and space, I’m learning my truth

No since in feeling lonely and sad

I’m getting things now, I never had

As a strong and independent woman

why should I shed unnecessary tears for another human

Many reasons to be happy and proud

I don’t want sadness hanging over me like a cloud

I look into my eyes

I know what I’ve seen inside

Each day I’ve  grown from mistakes and pain

through it all, I maintain

I love who I have come to be

A Woman, strong and worthy!

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No reason to be anything today but happy.

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Questionable Love


Can you love someone too much?
Is it okay to doubt love when you don’t feel it?
How do some people put up a wall against love?
How do you prevent falling in love?
Why do we love the most what we can’t have?
Why do we lie to the one we say we love?
Why does love hurt?
Why does love feel good?
If you are told “I love you” but don’t feel it to be true, is it best to test the phrase “if you love something, let it go – if it was meant to be, it will come back”?
Why do we stay with the ones who don’t deserve us?
Why is it so hard to let go of love?
Why do we continue to give love when the one were giving it to doesn’t appreciate it?
How do you turn a warm giving heart into a cold one that doesn’t care about anothers feelings?
Is love worth all of these questions?
Why can’t love be perfect?
Why are there ups and downs in love?
How do we give up on a love and move on?
Love isn’t hard to give, but is hard to receive, why?
Real love shouldnt be questioned if it is felt to be real….

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