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November 12th

Who knew life could be this way
Thinking back, November 12th, that day
Excitement, anticipation, not sure what to expect…
Listening to his heart, impressed by his intellect
The look in his eyes when he spoke to me,
the feel of his hand, he held mine so softly.
The tone of his voice….
it was so easy to tune out the noise.
That day, I didn’t know I would love him
-didn’t realize he’d be the best of them.
I let him take the lead.
That’s how we started, him approaching me.
I love looking at this man.
For his happiness, I’ll do all I can.
The look of a savage, with a heart that’s mine,
he’s so amazing – all the time.
When he’s mad and not in the mood,
I just wanna caress his tattoos.
Watching him move,
so  perfect and smooth.
He makes me smile like a teenage girl
with a crush bigger than this world.
I can speak how I feel daily,
He’ll never know my heart really.
No questions, no doubts, no worries
no reason to ever feel leery.
He caught me at the right time
for the love from him, to the top I’ll climb.
As we love each other and grow
no telling where this thing could go.
Wanting to learn all I can
I wanna know this man better than the back of my hand.


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He said, she said….. Spoiled


He said,
“You want to be spoiled
How can I spoil you more,
What more can I do”?

She said,
“I want all of you
your heart, love, thoughts, poetry
I don’t ask for much”

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you know?


You know my body
My feelings inside and out
The tone of my voice
You can tell when I’m upset
Or when I’m too happy
You understand what I write
May not always agree
But its my feeling
You try and help guide me
Through my stubbornness
You know things I’ve done
Things is like to do
Places I’d like to go
Places I’ve been
You know all I’ve been through
You love me
You know me
Do you know what’s in my heart?

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My Heart

I put my heart in you

I put love in you

What more was there really to do?

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