Daily situations resulted in this blog.

A little Haiku


Loved you with my heart
Just to give you everything
Til death do us part


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Changes. ..


I wonder in my mind
What is it you’ll find

A resemblance of me
No, never, but maybe

Will you be content
Or just to an extent

I needed you
How could you choose

…leaving… left…gone
lonely mornings at dawn

Can’t help but think
If this could change with a wink

Its not that easy though
Our loves at a plateau

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If I were him

Picking and choosing
No thought of losing
Spend my time here and there
No one knows where
Send off I’m sorry’s
On to the next, no worries
Tell her a lie
Call later and apologize
Never thinking of that one
I once told her she’d won
I play love like a game
This one doesn’t treat me the same
But I’m the fool
When things break, she is my tool
On her I can depend
Her love for me won’t end
I’m that confident she’s true
All I have to do is mention Jetblue
She may get mad
With my voice she’s no longer sad
Her love is unconditional
Though I’m not emotional
She holds on to her dream
Meanwhile, I’m doing my thing
Asked her, if I cheated would she still want me
To my surprise, she said yes…silly
As long as she allows
Why would I commit, say vows
It’s nice to be me
I can flirt with whomever I see
So much distance between us
Her love is what we discuss
Love can make one so dumb
A Broken heart should be numb.

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A woman…

A woman needs more than material things
She needs the love, real happiness brings

A woman needs a man who can hold his own
One who understands, she may need time alone

A woman wants to feel loved at her worst and best
She likes when your feelings are expressed

A woman wants a man with a sweet side
In his heart is where she resides

A woman wants a man who cares for her needs
A man who is there to help her to succeed

A woman wants a man who has her best interest
Not one who doesn’t even take notice

A woman wants to feel secure in knowing she’s his only one
The one you think of so very often

A woman is easy to please
We like to feel that were your trophy

A woman will go above and beyond
Sometimes just to see how you’ll respond

A woman will put her man on a pedestal
To show we are thankful

A woman likes to talk and work it out
She likes to make her man proud

A woman will love til the end
Once her ♥ is broke, its impossible to mend….

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As I sit here with things on my mind
Why didn’t I see, how was I so blind?
I wondered what I did wrong
I stuck around, through it all, for so long.
As usual I did, and I gave
Catered to you willing to be your lil slave.
I put in so much trust and didn’t see
All the bullshit that was done to me.
Finally decided to let you go
It hurt and knew it would, but little did I know.
Leaving you would be such a relief
I can leave things lay around with no fear of a thief.
And now a few years later
     How the tables have turned
The one you cheated with? You hate her.
She’s got fear you’ll come back to me
NEVER with me is where you’ll be.
She sweats my Facebook page
Seen a picture of you and text me in a rage.
All her questions and accusations are amusing
The game you two played is now confusing.
You lost something good with me
She knows it, and even now she sees.
But with Karma, you learn
And now the love you had, you yearn.
All I will ever be is your baby mama
Cause being without you=no drama.
Best wishes to you
And whatever in life you go through.

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