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Dirty daydreaming
That slick tool behind our lips

My eyes undress him
Looking from across the room
His body….nice….hard

My hand wrapped around his….well
I’m lusting for it

Can I have a taste
Arousing an explosion
Give me what I want

Your body, the heat
Strength under your skin pulls me
Making me want more…


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If I could pin you down
No touching, no looking
Just you in my love…drowning

Imagine, laying on your back
Eyes blindfolded, hands tied

I stand here and look at you
Your body so dark and fine

Deciding what I’m gonna do
I have this painful lust for you

As I trace my fingertips over your frame
Loving how you say my name

I hear what you want, but I’m in control
Been wanting to try the dominate role

Everything you said, I heard
Now, be quiet, don’t say another word

Whispering, “you said its mine”
With soft bites on your neckline

And you smell so good
A pleasure to handle you, like only I could

Waited for this moment for months now
Look at you, so beautifully endowed

Slowly crawling on top of you
You know what I’m about to do

In between my thick thighs is where you lie
Your expression shows, you love being inside….

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