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I wish I were her
that woman, that lady, that girl
the one who occupies your mind
that one whom you’ll always find time
the one you dream of
her, the one you love
that woman you want
never embarrassed to flaunt
the lady you think about
that one who feels your love, without a doubt
the girl who has your heart
your canvas, she’s picture perfect art
the woman you’re so proud of
giving her your love, never enough!


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A lot could be said
feelings are hurt, eyes water
Nobodys perfect

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Like Her

~I’m not her~

I don’t talk like her

I don’t look like her

I don’t sound like her

I don’t walk like her

I don’t look at you like her

I don’t treat you like her

I don’t smell like her

I don’t cook like her

I don’t love like her

I don’t smile like her

My skin isn’t like hers

I don’t want to be like her

You’ll realize I’m nothing like her

When you realize there’s nobody like me

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I asked for your attention
Increments, a short 15minute session
Why won’t you express your love to me
Instead its the computer and everything in between
….I envy….
I need your heart with mine
These wants should be a sign
Some don’t do well with a relationship
So, they let the one they love slip
Slip away to someone else, that is
Once they’re gone, you realize, and start to miss
All the questions and requests-unanswered
Sounded like a broken record
You heard my voice
You heard my cries
I bet you never thought you’d hear my goodbyes..

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