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November 12th

Who knew life could be this way
Thinking back, November 12th, that day
Excitement, anticipation, not sure what to expect…
Listening to his heart, impressed by his intellect
The look in his eyes when he spoke to me,
the feel of his hand, he held mine so softly.
The tone of his voice….
it was so easy to tune out the noise.
That day, I didn’t know I would love him
-didn’t realize he’d be the best of them.
I let him take the lead.
That’s how we started, him approaching me.
I love looking at this man.
For his happiness, I’ll do all I can.
The look of a savage, with a heart that’s mine,
he’s so amazing – all the time.
When he’s mad and not in the mood,
I just wanna caress his tattoos.
Watching him move,
so  perfect and smooth.
He makes me smile like a teenage girl
with a crush bigger than this world.
I can speak how I feel daily,
He’ll never know my heart really.
No questions, no doubts, no worries
no reason to ever feel leery.
He caught me at the right time
for the love from him, to the top I’ll climb.
As we love each other and grow
no telling where this thing could go.
Wanting to learn all I can
I wanna know this man better than the back of my hand.


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Dirty daydreaming
That slick tool behind our lips

My eyes undress him
Looking from across the room
His body….nice….hard

My hand wrapped around his….well
I’m lusting for it

Can I have a taste
Arousing an explosion
Give me what I want

Your body, the heat
Strength under your skin pulls me
Making me want more…

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Imagining the day…


Good morning with a smile
   a smile that lasts
   not for a short while.
Hugs throughout the day
   even if its a hundred
   without something slick to say.
Flowers, an expression for me
   no words at all
   just love to see.
A night of Passion
   slow music and candles
   making love, that’s lasting.
Rose tips trace my body
   skimming every curve
   has me feeling so sexy.
Just my imagination thinking
   intense love
   given, without asking.

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It’s all about you
It’s about you gettin yours
Daddy wants to come

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I wish I were her
that woman, that lady, that girl
the one who occupies your mind
that one whom you’ll always find time
the one you dream of
her, the one you love
that woman you want
never embarrassed to flaunt
the lady you think about
that one who feels your love, without a doubt
the girl who has your heart
your canvas, she’s picture perfect art
the woman you’re so proud of
giving her your love, never enough!

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So much of me


A big girl….yep that’s me
Always been a lil heavy
Thick and chunky
However, there’s more to me
Much more than what you see

Healthy thighs
Pretty brown eyes
Breasts impossible to hide
Hips, yea they’re wide

Always been big-boned
Since date of conception
My frame has definition
I’m curvy, did I forget to mention

Sometimes a little shy
Hiding under my clothes, I try
I want to feel beautiful in his eye
This is me, I can’t deny

Never had low self esteem
Even when people said things that were mean
Inside it hurt, you’ll never hear me scream
If not for one, someone else’s queen
His passion, his pleasure, his dream

Maya Angelou said it for me
“I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman…..that’s me”.

Plenty of women for you to see
Something about me, obviously
Maybe you were intrigued
Could it be curiosity

A big girl… Yep that’s me
Always been a lil heavy
Thick and chunky
However, there’s more to me
Much more than what you see…

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If he were mine…

I talk to him as often as possible, though its not right. The sound of his voice makes me want him like crazy. I imagine the shape and movement of his lips as my name rolls off his tongue. What would it be like to have this man whispering in my ear? The things he says through the phone, would it sound the same if he were with me? Am I crazy for wanting someone I’ve never met? Something about his tone, his accent, his words, and his voicemails to me….

Meeting someone for the first time not knowing what to expect, other than what you’ve been told. Everything isn’t always as it seems. Thinking you have a complete package in one. Just knowing this is it!   ….and then….WOW!!! there he is, kinda tall, dark skinned, slim, bowlegged, smooth skin, eyes are just as I imagined, his mouth is perfect, his lips put me in lust,  waves on point, he gets closer…then in that first hug, I reach around I can feel this amazingly deep dip in his back, my head on his chest, and through this first hug, I feel his heartbeat. At that moment it felt too good to be true…

Going to my place, I giggle like a little girl who has her first crush. Wanting to say so many things, sweaty palms, heart racing, nervous, wondering, “What does he think of me? What’s on his mind? How far will this go? Is this what I want? Am I what he wants? Are we getting in over our head?” So many things in thought. Trying to hide my nervousness, though its so obvious… I have no idea what to talk about. On the phone there’s so much to say, but once face to face…a giggly mute girl. Thinking to myself, damn this man is sexy. His voice was just as wonderful in person as over the phone. I must admit though, it was more intriguing on the phone not knowing how it would be side by side.

Welcoming balloons covered my ceiling as we entered. It was almost as if he’d left for a little bit and returned home. Was this reality, was this really happening? “How did phone conversations and emails come to this? Could he be the man of my dreams? Is there something he’s hiding? Is this fate? Are we meant to be?” As I go back to questioning myself again. Snapping out of it…enjoying him here after all the conversations, he’s really in my domain…thinking some crazy thoughts now…kinda like my prisoner, no where to run, no where to hide. HE IS MINE! I want to take advantage of him and do as I please to him with no harm intended, listening to his words that flow, they flow through my body, sending chills to my brain driving every part of me insane, doing things unimaginable to anyone but me…

I still wonder if it was a fairytale. If it were meant to be. If we will be as one or was this a phase needed to build offspring. So much life involved. Love, hurt, tears (both happy and sad ones), happiness, sadness, hopes, dreams, and then the realities. In love with a man that first became a friend. Will my fairytale continue…making my friend, my love, my husband???

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This is a repost…

Like a junkie I fiend for it
Whatever I can have, I need, like narcotic.
Thinking of when my next hit will be
Maybe a little bit of ecstasy.
Laying in bed tossing and turning
Face full of sweat insides burning.
I need to relieve this headache and pain
Where is my pusher with his lady cane….
Addicted to this feeling
I get mood swings, fearful and spaz for no reason.
Crying eyes bloodshot, pupils dialated
Depressed and feeling isolated.
The feeling of formication running through my brain,
Heart beating fast, feel blood flowing through my veins.
Making me do things I said I’d never do,
All this for another hit of you.
It’s been months running dry in panic
Gotta get you out of my head please get me a xanax.
The silence and distance makes me crazy
Someone please help and baker act me.
For you I’m jonesing,
losing my mind through these emotions.

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Who are you…

Typical night
Tired, laid down
Feeling stiff
Shackled to all four corners of the bed
Blinded, can’t see
Feeling something soft at my ankles
Rising up my legs
Feels good, tho, I try to fight it
The more I fight, I’m so curious
Who are you
Why have you chosen me
What are you doing to me
I can’t touch you,
Tho I feel your breath on my knees
Muscular hands grip my hips
And hold me, as if to hug me
Do I know you, you don’t say a word
You just lay there, rested on my legs
Caressing and kissing me
All I can do is lay here, helpless
This isn’t what I thought you’d do
I feel your body on mine
Feels familiar
Too familiar
But why am I blinded
Talk to me, explain why you did this
Is there something you want to say
Something you want to do
….I want to love you, and spend my life with you…
A tear drops
The phone rings
No longer trapped,
But lost…

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Unspoken Word

Im on the one hundred eighteenth day
How much longer must I wait
Try not to talk about it
Why should I be quiet
Distance, space, voicemail-neglect
Like a needle of poison,
Your love, you would slowly inject
Inside my blood boils
turns pale skin, red
I keep these thoughts now in my corpse
Memories, a glimpse of before
Sip on formaldehyde
To preserve this lust, I must hide
Feels as if you castrated me
Is that possible, could that be
Were supposed to be open
But this word…..unspoken!

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If I could pin you down
No touching, no looking
Just you in my love…drowning

Imagine, laying on your back
Eyes blindfolded, hands tied

I stand here and look at you
Your body so dark and fine

Deciding what I’m gonna do
I have this painful lust for you

As I trace my fingertips over your frame
Loving how you say my name

I hear what you want, but I’m in control
Been wanting to try the dominate role

Everything you said, I heard
Now, be quiet, don’t say another word

Whispering, “you said its mine”
With soft bites on your neckline

And you smell so good
A pleasure to handle you, like only I could

Waited for this moment for months now
Look at you, so beautifully endowed

Slowly crawling on top of you
You know what I’m about to do

In between my thick thighs is where you lie
Your expression shows, you love being inside….

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My Wandering Mind



Eyes, lips, tongues, hands, fingertips

His body and mine

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I like…(pt. 1)


I like the way you kiss
I can tell you missed this.
I like how your eyes seduce me
Keep touching me please.
Take my clothes off and
make my body explode
Promise me you won’t let go.
I like your sensuality
As you take your time, I’m ready.
I’ve waited for this night
It seems all my life.
I like when you hold me close
Feeling your skin, I like the most.
I like how your fingers feel going down my back
Down to my ass, you give me a light smack.
I need this, its been so long
If loving this is right, I’ll never go wrong.
We’re so hot and full of sweat
I’m so glad we met.
As we move and make ooh ahh sounds
Against my body you pound.
I’ve never been so wet before
Keep going baby, give me more.
As my legs spread wide
Stand up and watch it go inside
Our facial expressions, we can’t hide.
As your sweat drips on my face
It’s lust I taste.
The pleasure on your face shows
As you release and let go…

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