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November 12th

Who knew life could be this way
Thinking back, November 12th, that day
Excitement, anticipation, not sure what to expect…
Listening to his heart, impressed by his intellect
The look in his eyes when he spoke to me,
the feel of his hand, he held mine so softly.
The tone of his voice….
it was so easy to tune out the noise.
That day, I didn’t know I would love him
-didn’t realize he’d be the best of them.
I let him take the lead.
That’s how we started, him approaching me.
I love looking at this man.
For his happiness, I’ll do all I can.
The look of a savage, with a heart that’s mine,
he’s so amazing – all the time.
When he’s mad and not in the mood,
I just wanna caress his tattoos.
Watching him move,
so  perfect and smooth.
He makes me smile like a teenage girl
with a crush bigger than this world.
I can speak how I feel daily,
He’ll never know my heart really.
No questions, no doubts, no worries
no reason to ever feel leery.
He caught me at the right time
for the love from him, to the top I’ll climb.
As we love each other and grow
no telling where this thing could go.
Wanting to learn all I can
I wanna know this man better than the back of my hand.


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Dirty daydreaming
That slick tool behind our lips

My eyes undress him
Looking from across the room
His body….nice….hard

My hand wrapped around his….well
I’m lusting for it

Can I have a taste
Arousing an explosion
Give me what I want

Your body, the heat
Strength under your skin pulls me
Making me want more…

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Imagining the day…


Good morning with a smile
   a smile that lasts
   not for a short while.
Hugs throughout the day
   even if its a hundred
   without something slick to say.
Flowers, an expression for me
   no words at all
   just love to see.
A night of Passion
   slow music and candles
   making love, that’s lasting.
Rose tips trace my body
   skimming every curve
   has me feeling so sexy.
Just my imagination thinking
   intense love
   given, without asking.

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You can talk to me….


So much on my mind
Wondering what’s going wrong
…you can talk to me…

Emptiness inside
Want so bad to express me
…you can talk to me…

A friend is needed
Someone to listen to me
…you can talk to me…

You, my love, my friend
You cannot handle my thoughts
…you can talk to me…

Love once shared, distant
Now, even further apart
…you can talk to me…

I expect a lot
Nothing more than I did then
…you can talk to me…

Wanting to reach out
Reaching for someone to love
…you can talk to me…

I don’t want to hurt
I don’t want an empty love
…you can talk to me…

He says, “what’s wrong Chris”?
“What did I do or not do”?
…you can talk to me…

Explanations flow
Pouring out thoughts, and my heart
…you can talk to me…

No more, I love yous
Since now I’ve expressed myself
I can’t talk to you…

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Be careful what you say.


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Is it too much to ask?

A beautiful man with an even more beautiful soul.
The proposal that’s unforgettable.
A love that’s undeniable.
A relationship where I KNOW my man has my back.
Complete trust in knowing its just me, not a number one, but the only one.
If I’m in need of compassion, my man knows it and knows how to console me.
Loving and forgiving.
A good father.
Giving and caring.
Willing to sacrifice when needed.
He will take a load off my shoulders sometimes.
Doesn’t mind cooking.
Caters to me.
Treats me like a queen.
Let’s the world know I’m his, and he’s mine.
A wedding that can’t be replaced.
A love that lasts forever!!!

I don’t ask for much. I want to be treated and made to feel like his queen. If I do as I should to make him feel like my king, why shouldn’t I get them same? Is it too much to ask?

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the shape of you eyes
     to the curve if your nose
passing over your full lips
     nicely rounded chin
shoulders not too broad
     long  arms that wrap around me
with veins that show masculinity
     a chest connected
to your “abs”olutely gorgeous torso
~~~and then there’s heaven~~~
molded onto two slim thighs
     supported by bowed legs
balanced by pedicured feet, by me
With you…
~I’m fascinated.

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Feeling Poetry

Do you feel poetry inside yourself?

I feel it in his name
When he touches me
When I hear his ringtone
When I see his name
Through his masculine deep voice
I feel poetry

His pictures
With his baby growing in me
I feel his happiness
I feel his sadness
As well as his concerns
I feel poetry

When I’m listening to music
It makes me think of him
I listen to his problems
I’ve heard him in tears
Then too, I feel poetry

He’s expressed his dreams

He is poetic
He is amazing
He is my love
…With him…


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If this world were mine
I’d give everything to you
You’re my everything

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This mornings thoughts…

In life, as we grow we make mistakes. Some of us learn from them. And some don’t. I’ve noticed that some people will settle, just for the sake of feeling loved. Love is supposed to be an amazing feeling. The best part of love for me is knowing its  genuwine. However at one time, I wasn’t sure if real love would ever make its way to me. I thought maybe I asked for too much.

After an incident that occurred yesterday, I’ve learned I can be someones biggest threat because of the woman I am, the love I give and display or have displayed in the past. After you have been hurt and done so wrong and still can continue to love with your all and no bitterness…it says a lot. People can mistake no tolerance for bitterness though. One person can only tolerate so much being done to them before a wall has been built. It is up to the next to care enough to break it down and get inside. It’s not ok to break the barriers, feel like you have won, to give that person a reason later on to build a thicker wall with more stability and structure that makes it impossible to break down again.

People make mistakes through patterns. Women, we complain about going through issues with men, but its a pattern or a cycle, we choose the same type of men or we feel we need more than one man to compensate what another lacks. Or we as people tolerate the same crap from others, because we don’t realize or care to recognize the pattern. Men, you complain all the good women are taken or you can’t find one. A pattern as well, maybe you are attracted to the same type of woman, maybe you feel you need more than one woman, whatever the case is, if we’re tired of the same PATTERNS we have to acknowledge them and change them.

Yesterday is gone, we cannot take back anything done or said from yesterday. Today is here, live right and love the one you desire from this day forward. Tomorrow is not promised, don’t regret your today…tomorrow.

Felt the need to express this. Comments are welcome. God bless and have a beautiful day.

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His Trophy

I was perfect,
My eyes, he loved
My body, he thought of
Always commented on how I dressed
With my frame, he was impressed
Constant phone calls to say he loved me
At night, he held me til I fell asleep
When we went out
He was proud
If a man looked at me, he’d hold me close
Smiling because he was who I chose
He loved how I looked in heels
With his arm around my waist, my curves he could feel
This man put me on a pedestal
Even when I was unlovable
He wanted a chance I gave someone else
In love with me, is how he felt
I wasn’t the best I could be
But still….I was his trophy…

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A woman…

A woman needs more than material things
She needs the love, real happiness brings

A woman needs a man who can hold his own
One who understands, she may need time alone

A woman wants to feel loved at her worst and best
She likes when your feelings are expressed

A woman wants a man with a sweet side
In his heart is where she resides

A woman wants a man who cares for her needs
A man who is there to help her to succeed

A woman wants a man who has her best interest
Not one who doesn’t even take notice

A woman wants to feel secure in knowing she’s his only one
The one you think of so very often

A woman is easy to please
We like to feel that were your trophy

A woman will go above and beyond
Sometimes just to see how you’ll respond

A woman will put her man on a pedestal
To show we are thankful

A woman likes to talk and work it out
She likes to make her man proud

A woman will love til the end
Once her ♥ is broke, its impossible to mend….

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I just want one man
One with an amazing heart
One who’s about me.

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If You Don’t Know the Meaning…


1. Devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with ones own interests, beliefs, welfare, etc…regardless of others.

2. Characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself; selfish motives.

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