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Hope may be lost #9


Miles apart, we
faith and belief, you and me
long distance love, us

Poetry I’d write
expressing my love for you
hurt and anger too

Believing in you
hearing what you claimed to be

Love….I wanted you
living the life we had planned
life, was about you

Lost in emotions of…love
broken, cracked, not forgotten
I’ve doubted, why me?

Hurt turned to anger
communication’s broke down
at times… I don’t care

trust re-established for love
Where do we begin?


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A letter to Love


Love, on you, I’ve given up
          I tried to know you
          Tried to feel you
          I failed.
Love, I wish I never met you
          The way you make people feel
          its not fair
          although you are worth experiencing
Love, what have I done to you
          why do you treat me like you do
          are you worth my tears
          many tears I’ve cried for you
Love, I understand why people shy away
          why people run and hide
           the way you make people feel,
may not be worth the ride
Love, I’ve loved how I wanted to be loved
          but something about you
          I don’t do enough of
          so with you, I’m giving up…


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Sometimes I wonder…


Do you know what it takes to keep me
the fights, the cries, thru hidden realities
sometimes I wonder…
Do you think about me, how I do you
adapted thoughts, and no clue
sometimes I wonder…
Is there more of you I don’t know
you’re quiet, silent, your thoughts don’t show
sometimes I wonder…
Is this love strong enough to last
will we explain us as a past
sometimes I wonder…
Does your heart belong to me
if so, its hard to see
sometimes I wonder…
Am I woman enough for you
will you ever look for something new
sometimes I wonder…
If I should be doing more
life with you is all I want to explore
sometimes I wonder…
What would you do if you lost me
would our love carry you through tragedy
sometimes I wonder…
Why do I feel so alone
I was promised love would be shown
sometimes I wonder…
Are you the man God had for me
are we to walk together in Christianity
sometimes I wonder…

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Giving love one last chance

If I could write
Explain what’s not I sight
You would understand more
Other feelings I have, behind closed doors
In my closet, skeletons, they hide
I keep them there so you don’t collide
You’d probably question why
The roots from tears I’ve cried
It’s a new day
Time to make a new way
Letting go of insecurities from the past
Looking forward, praying, we’ll last
Loving you, I wonder why and how
but not because of doubt
After all that’s been done
I still found a way to love someone
I prayed once, if this were meant to be
The love we share, you and me…

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Two As One


Now he wants to put on a ring
     a ring to remove the sadness I sing
Shouldn’t have come to this
     as frustrations explode, now I’m missed
Loved yesterday, today, and tomorrow more
     words & emotions expressed more now than ever before
Stopping me just in time
     Trying to get you out of my mind
Always know what to say
     to keep me from pushing away
No more empty promises or feeling mislead
     with this ring, I thee wed
Don’t need commitment if your search isn’t done
    please don’t bother if you’re not ready to be AS ONE….

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Is it too much to ask?

A beautiful man with an even more beautiful soul.
The proposal that’s unforgettable.
A love that’s undeniable.
A relationship where I KNOW my man has my back.
Complete trust in knowing its just me, not a number one, but the only one.
If I’m in need of compassion, my man knows it and knows how to console me.
Loving and forgiving.
A good father.
Giving and caring.
Willing to sacrifice when needed.
He will take a load off my shoulders sometimes.
Doesn’t mind cooking.
Caters to me.
Treats me like a queen.
Let’s the world know I’m his, and he’s mine.
A wedding that can’t be replaced.
A love that lasts forever!!!

I don’t ask for much. I want to be treated and made to feel like his queen. If I do as I should to make him feel like my king, why shouldn’t I get them same? Is it too much to ask?

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Man of God


Just thinking through WP. Getting out some thoughts and feelings, some wants and desires.

I want my husband to be a man of God. I want him to be who he should be and be my head and guide me in the righteous path, goto church together, pray together, and live as one as Christians.

I’ve been through a lot in my life and I believe if I were living for God, I don’t think most of what I’ve been through would have happened or maybe the outcomes would have been different.

I’ve never been into Christianity as I’m getting into it now. I know how I’ve been living isn’t 100% right, but I’m changing and I want to live a better life. I continue to pray and have faith. I pray that as I make these changes the change I’m hoping for will come my way.

11:3 But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

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Never A Doubt


I have loved you since…..
Day one and will continue
Til death do us part.

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