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Giving love one last chance

If I could write
Explain what’s not I sight
You would understand more
Other feelings I have, behind closed doors
In my closet, skeletons, they hide
I keep them there so you don’t collide
You’d probably question why
The roots from tears I’ve cried
It’s a new day
Time to make a new way
Letting go of insecurities from the past
Looking forward, praying, we’ll last
Loving you, I wonder why and how
but not because of doubt
After all that’s been done
I still found a way to love someone
I prayed once, if this were meant to be
The love we share, you and me…


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Is it too much to ask?

A beautiful man with an even more beautiful soul.
The proposal that’s unforgettable.
A love that’s undeniable.
A relationship where I KNOW my man has my back.
Complete trust in knowing its just me, not a number one, but the only one.
If I’m in need of compassion, my man knows it and knows how to console me.
Loving and forgiving.
A good father.
Giving and caring.
Willing to sacrifice when needed.
He will take a load off my shoulders sometimes.
Doesn’t mind cooking.
Caters to me.
Treats me like a queen.
Let’s the world know I’m his, and he’s mine.
A wedding that can’t be replaced.
A love that lasts forever!!!

I don’t ask for much. I want to be treated and made to feel like his queen. If I do as I should to make him feel like my king, why shouldn’t I get them same? Is it too much to ask?

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World Wide Web

just having fun with this 🙂


May need to ask Jeeves
Maybe I can Google it
Ask dot com might know

I have a question
It’s just a simple question
…..redirecting me…..

Where is my love at
Somebody please help me search
I need him right now!!

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I asked for your attention
Increments, a short 15minute session
Why won’t you express your love to me
Instead its the computer and everything in between
….I envy….
I need your heart with mine
These wants should be a sign
Some don’t do well with a relationship
So, they let the one they love slip
Slip away to someone else, that is
Once they’re gone, you realize, and start to miss
All the questions and requests-unanswered
Sounded like a broken record
You heard my voice
You heard my cries
I bet you never thought you’d hear my goodbyes..

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After a convo with a girlfriend last night, I feel refreshed today. A different outlook. I’m a woman with a huge heart and it has been spread out, no regrets in love. Just a learning, growing, and healing process.

I have no regrets
Everything I felt, was said
I’ve poured out my heart

Daily expression
Needed my love to be felt
I am who I am

I am a woman
Genuwine and filled with love
I am that woman

Love is important
I loved some, my kids, and life
Always did my best

If it were my time
The love I gave, has been felt
Can you say the same

Pick what’s important
Were not promised tomorrow
Would you have regrets

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