Daily situations resulted in this blog.

Six words

Spilled ink splattered across the table.


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If I had to pay
How would I know if its real
Pay the price for love?

Not interested
I, challenged with emotions
Will not pay a price.

My heart shows too much feeling
Love….I paid the price.

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A little Haiku


Loved you with my heart
Just to give you everything
Til death do us part

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One Wish


Introduction to
Avoidance of happiness
Once….I wished  for love

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6 words


A part of me misses you.

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Changes. ..


I wonder in my mind
What is it you’ll find

A resemblance of me
No, never, but maybe

Will you be content
Or just to an extent

I needed you
How could you choose

…leaving… left…gone
lonely mornings at dawn

Can’t help but think
If this could change with a wink

Its not that easy though
Our loves at a plateau

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Who can I run to
To fill the void that was left

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Haiku #14

In a perfect world
Dreams would go beyond dreaming
Until then, sweet dreams

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Perfect Portrait

This portrait 

so crisp and clean

laid out just for me

every girls dream

her fantasy

                                         In time, comes reality

                                         of what could 

                                         and what will be….

                                         Through poetry

                                         my portrait speaking


                                        Not that perfect portrait

                                        painted for me……

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Come Back


Lonely, is so hard
I miss you, come back to me
Baby I need you.

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I don’t know what to call this…

I don’t ask for much
All I want is him and his touch.
I’m not ready yet, to let go
My feelings for him, I know they show.
There’s not a day, he’s not on my mind
Space separates us along with time.
I want to give my love
There’s nobody else I think of.
My body is going insane
Offers all around, “ma, what’s your name”
I smile and keep it moving
Proud, but sad cause I feel like I’m losing.
Why did I find love so far away?
What could I have done different for him to stay?

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At one time I felt so free to express myself. The more the time passes I feel I have to keep my thoughts and feelings inside. I named this blog so perfectly. Thoughts change frequent. Feelings change just as much.

Every relationship is different, yet can be compared in some way. Things you refuse to accept because of something in the past, or things you refuse to do, due to a reaction from what was once done.

When someone tries to change you, you begin to lose focus on who you really are and what you stand for. Silence, becomes your best bet. “What’s wrong?”, response every time….”nothing”. Again silence to avoid an argument, because some people cannot handle what’s on your mind when they ask. Followed by, “why won’t you talk to me?” Fine, you open up and talk, BOOM an argument. Before you know it, you’re explaining your problems to someone you think cares because you need to talk, you need to cry, you need to release your pain and hurt along with your frustrations. Was it the right thing to do? No! When you are committed, or think you’re on that path, you’re supposed to make it work or compromise, at least try.

It feels good when someone is in tune with you or tries to learn you inside and out. You feel as if they care. You want to be cared for, and important to someone, loved and thought of throughout the day, good thoughts though.

In time the want for those things from one person disappears and realize what you need as well as what you don’t need. Broken promises, empty lies, silence… seem to come with the territory.

Time and energy, wasted.
Dreams and goals, diminished.
Hopes and thoughts, disappeared.
Trust and love, destroyed.
Scars and pain, remain.

All of this to allow history to repeat itself.

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As I sit here with things on my mind
Why didn’t I see, how was I so blind?
I wondered what I did wrong
I stuck around, through it all, for so long.
As usual I did, and I gave
Catered to you willing to be your lil slave.
I put in so much trust and didn’t see
All the bullshit that was done to me.
Finally decided to let you go
It hurt and knew it would, but little did I know.
Leaving you would be such a relief
I can leave things lay around with no fear of a thief.
And now a few years later
     How the tables have turned
The one you cheated with? You hate her.
She’s got fear you’ll come back to me
NEVER with me is where you’ll be.
She sweats my Facebook page
Seen a picture of you and text me in a rage.
All her questions and accusations are amusing
The game you two played is now confusing.
You lost something good with me
She knows it, and even now she sees.
But with Karma, you learn
And now the love you had, you yearn.
All I will ever be is your baby mama
Cause being without you=no drama.
Best wishes to you
And whatever in life you go through.

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