Daily situations resulted in this blog.

A little Haiku


Loved you with my heart
Just to give you everything
Til death do us part


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Depressed, hurt, betrayed
Standing tall, despite the height
Yes, I’m still standing.

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Thin line between love and hate

It was the last straw
It had to be drawn
You now have my collection
Left me moving in one direction
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year
Celebrated all without you here
Last seed bloomed, probably alone
My fault cause of all I’ve condoned
No one to blame but me
Love had me blind and couldn’t see
We all want security
But want it with dignity
You can’t want what YOU can’t give
Stability, love, or just a place to live
Lessons learned from my past
Search was the same, a love to last .
Wish a dream, dream a wish
Make it happen and be selfish
Stop giving when nothing is given
The line between love/hate is thin.

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The Dealt Hand


Ups and downs
    Wins and loses
          Lovers and haters
               Friends but no enemies
                    Single parent home
                         Good and bad days
                              A Happy New Year….gone wrong

However my hand was dealt, I have been strong and worked through it. Strength and determination wasnt lacked. It’s been a rough year, the end was just as rough. Happy, sad, and some confusing moments.

2011 has been a year full of lessons, two main things stick out – not all “friends” were friends and many words that were spit, had no real meaning, so they weren’t kept. Love? Oh how I have learned about love. It can have you making choices and doing things that should NOT be done! Last thing that stood out….liars will be liars…”see what had happened was”. Lol

Trying to get the right jump off in 2012, I will be in church blessing my new year coming as well as my son on the way and the other two I already have. I plan to love and be loved. This year I won’t just settle like I’ve done this year. Settling…set me back! Just because the hand I was dealt wasn’t the best, doesn’t mean I can’t make the best of it!

…Happy New Year…

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People see a side of me
and judge, by what they think I may be
I’m one woman with a full plate
though stress continues to circulate
being strong for more than one
sometimes ready to give up and be done
I have to keep my strength
regardless the time or length
a little overwhelming at times
trying to turn pennies into dimes
I like to see my kids smile
so struggling for them is worthwhile
proud of what I’ve accomplished alone
although I’m tired of doing it on my own
would be nice to have someone on my side
discuss life and confide
acting like it doesn’t bother me
but inside, I want to scream
seems impossible for some to partake
stressed out with a big headache.

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This mornings thoughts…

In life, as we grow we make mistakes. Some of us learn from them. And some don’t. I’ve noticed that some people will settle, just for the sake of feeling loved. Love is supposed to be an amazing feeling. The best part of love for me is knowing its  genuwine. However at one time, I wasn’t sure if real love would ever make its way to me. I thought maybe I asked for too much.

After an incident that occurred yesterday, I’ve learned I can be someones biggest threat because of the woman I am, the love I give and display or have displayed in the past. After you have been hurt and done so wrong and still can continue to love with your all and no bitterness…it says a lot. People can mistake no tolerance for bitterness though. One person can only tolerate so much being done to them before a wall has been built. It is up to the next to care enough to break it down and get inside. It’s not ok to break the barriers, feel like you have won, to give that person a reason later on to build a thicker wall with more stability and structure that makes it impossible to break down again.

People make mistakes through patterns. Women, we complain about going through issues with men, but its a pattern or a cycle, we choose the same type of men or we feel we need more than one man to compensate what another lacks. Or we as people tolerate the same crap from others, because we don’t realize or care to recognize the pattern. Men, you complain all the good women are taken or you can’t find one. A pattern as well, maybe you are attracted to the same type of woman, maybe you feel you need more than one woman, whatever the case is, if we’re tired of the same PATTERNS we have to acknowledge them and change them.

Yesterday is gone, we cannot take back anything done or said from yesterday. Today is here, live right and love the one you desire from this day forward. Tomorrow is not promised, don’t regret your today…tomorrow.

Felt the need to express this. Comments are welcome. God bless and have a beautiful day.

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A Strong Woman


For all the strong women…

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A woman…

A woman needs more than material things
She needs the love, real happiness brings

A woman needs a man who can hold his own
One who understands, she may need time alone

A woman wants to feel loved at her worst and best
She likes when your feelings are expressed

A woman wants a man with a sweet side
In his heart is where she resides

A woman wants a man who cares for her needs
A man who is there to help her to succeed

A woman wants a man who has her best interest
Not one who doesn’t even take notice

A woman wants to feel secure in knowing she’s his only one
The one you think of so very often

A woman is easy to please
We like to feel that were your trophy

A woman will go above and beyond
Sometimes just to see how you’ll respond

A woman will put her man on a pedestal
To show we are thankful

A woman likes to talk and work it out
She likes to make her man proud

A woman will love til the end
Once her ♥ is broke, its impossible to mend….

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A Strong Woman

When I’m lonely I turn to writing

I can release my frustrations without fighting

No problem with self expression

although it’s not, seems like depression

Never been one to be sad all the time

This love, has me losing my mind

I love love, but I love me too

With time and space, I’m learning my truth

No since in feeling lonely and sad

I’m getting things now, I never had

As a strong and independent woman

why should I shed unnecessary tears for another human

Many reasons to be happy and proud

I don’t want sadness hanging over me like a cloud

I look into my eyes

I know what I’ve seen inside

Each day I’ve  grown from mistakes and pain

through it all, I maintain

I love who I have come to be

A Woman, strong and worthy!

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He gives me butterflies
He makes me smile
He brings laughter and tears
He makes me mad
He makes me sad
He is in tune with me
He knows every inch of me
He knows my mind
And feels my soul
He can tell when somethings wrong
As well as when somethings right
He is love
He strives to make me happy
He does what he can for me
Rain or shine, he loves me
He lifts me when I’m down
He keeps my dreams alive
He makes me think the unthinkable
He is my shoulder
He is the wall on which I lean
He thinks of me
He misses me
He thinks of our future
He gave me his heart
He is love
He is my love
He is….everything!

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