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If I had to pay
How would I know if its real
Pay the price for love?

Not interested
I, challenged with emotions
Will not pay a price.

My heart shows too much feeling
Love….I paid the price.


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Making some repairs…


Holes in the wall
…your words…
I’ve heard them all

Photographs of happiness
not what we’d wished

Home, once full of love
Love wasn’t strong enough

Missing what we had
Now turning bad

Wondering what to do
Almost through

Holding onto what
…a love?…
I want to trust you, but…

One thread at a time
…happiness again…
We will find.

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Developing Faith

It’s been said
“Let go, Let God”
developing faith
hurt/good feelings
our children
during these trying situations we’re told
“Let go, Let God”
“Things happen for a reason”
Why aren’t we able to know the reasons? A friend told me we wouldn’t be able to handle the reasons if we knew them. So we have to continue to have faith and believe as well as trust that everything will work itself out.

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The Bed You Made


Once a whore, always a whore
continuing to look for more
the one you have isn’t enough
but you say you’re in love
Love is a game to some
but when they get played, they sit looking dumb
wondering what’s wrong
then sing the “I’m sorry” song
trust and believe, its all good
another will treat me as you should 🙂
letting go is what I do
all I wanted was to love you
I can’t love someone who is still looking
once its said and done, you’ll be a part of my scrapbooking
so keep searching for your trade
its your bed….you have made

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Trading places

Quiet, no care, concern
Hoping one day, for it to return
A nonchalant attitude
Changes a happy love, to a bitter mood
Ignoring is easy for some
In return…they can’t handle the outcome
Consequences we live with
“good things come to those who wait”
Is that just a myth
We hold onto dreams through our reality
Knowing things should’ve been done differently
Plans after plans
At what point do we take a stand
If the one you love, packed up and left without a trace
Never to be found, she couldn’t be replaced
How would it feel
To have lost a love that was real…

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I try

I try to write about different things
All I think of, is the love he brings
He occupies my heart
I hate it that were apart
You ever been so in love
That you don’t feel you express it enough
It’s easy to be faithful
For him…I’m thankful
I never run out of words to say
He lives in my mind everyday
I used to worry about being hurt by him
Now I think of things to do on a whim
This is a different kind of love for me
I want more of him, out of pure greed
Again, I try to write about different things
But I miss his love more than anything!!!

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Broken Promises

This was written a couple months ago, but I wanted to post…

Conversation, dead
Why do I bother waiting
Feels like wasted time

Tired of the lies
And so sick of the voicemail
Broken promises

Why I continue
Put in too much fuckin trust
I know shit aint right

Believing each line
Each line of complete bullshit
Waiting on a call

You just don’t get it
Why the hell did I meet you
Bout to let this go

Why hold on to this
What’s the benefit for me
Broken promises

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Who can I run to?

Underneath this pale skin
Lies memories of where I’ve been
The poetry I write, its about me
Can’t write on what I haven’t seen
My heart is more scarred
Than that of a junkies arm
Always wanted a real love
But now, that’s something im scared of
So many stories and lies
People have so much to hide
Who can you begin to trust
Each disappointment makes it hard to adjust
I want a love that’s irreplaceable
Not one that’s sometimes available
Never been one to be alone and sad
The past few months, I’ve been so mad
It’s one thing after another
It’s not easy as a single mother
My love and kids is all I have
I miss the shared laughs
I don’t like to write anymore
But lonliness is hard to ignore
Change is definately in the making
I need patience with the time its taking
Removing people I don’t need
Replacing them with people who care for me
One step at a time
My life, I will redesign…

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How do you overcome trust issues? I know everyone is not the same, but if you are the same, why do things turn for the worse? 

Trust was there for six years and was completely fooled. It took a while to get over that. But now that its done, these trust issues have come about. How does one trust the one they love and not treat them as if they’ve done wrong?

Is it wrong to feel like everyone will take trust for granted? All people are not the same? This is true. How do you forget and start new? How do you treat someone as if you’ve never been hurt?

A wall? Is that a wrong move? Protecting yourself from being hurt, but at the same – causing problems with the one you love for fear of being hurt isn’t an answer either. I want to be able to live this quote, ” dance like no ones watching, sing like no ones listening, love like you’ll never get hurt, live like theres heaven on earth”. Soulsearching will do it. Realization of self worth…

Anyone have a comment or advice…

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